Cyber Security and Privacy

Cyber security preparedness… are you future ready?

As one of the leading and growing threats in the world, cyber-crime is a critical business risk. A blanket approach to cyber security and privacy is no longer viable; you need to be proactive and prepared. As organizations move to digital to capitalize on new technologies and innovations to deliver business results, they also need to ensure that they build and maintain customer trust. You need the experience and insight our Cyber Security team offers to identify your top threats, and define mitigation approaches to effectively protect against them.

We provide tailored cyber security and privacy strategies that put you in control while keeping your business secure.

We help organizations identify and protect their most valuable assets. Whether it is planning and putting safeguards in place, or detecting weaknesses and responding to threats, our team helps you mitigate your risks.

What We Do

Strategy and Governance

Be able to mitigate—and if necessary, respond—to cybersecurity threats by having a robust and up-to-date cybersecurity strategy and plan. We can help you with preparation in a way that helps protect what matters to your organization most, and does so effectively and thoroughly. We can update your plans as threats continue to evolve.

Risk Management

Build an effective cyber security program by starting with an understanding of your unique business risks. Our team assesses your risk based on what threats are acting against you, what industry sector you are part of and the strength of your current security controls. We focus on the monetary impacts to your organization, not solely the likelihood of a breach occurring. We help identify where you’re vulnerable and what you could lose in the event of a breach.

Privacy and Data Protection

Build, operate and maintain a robust and effective privacy program, and mature your approach to governing privacy and data use to build trust and greater value for your customers. Our team brings business insight and expertise, helping you leverage technologies and tools to not only meet the challenge of privacy management and compliance and reduce risks, but to also enable your business and innovation.

Implementation and Operations

Have an effective strategy to keep your systems running efficiently, while ensuring the level of protection you need to withstand a cyber attack. With an understanding of your organization’s risks and vulnerabilities, our team crafts a customized cybersecurity protection strategy for your business. We help you select and deploy a range of tools to protect you in the near and long term, and transfer knowledge to your team to operate this new security infrastructure.

Offensive Security

Understand and fortify your business resiliency to being attacked. We test your systems, people, networks—internal, external and wireless—and applications. We then identify your vulnerabilities, provide detailed remediation recommendations, and work with you to close those gaps.

Incident Management

In case of a breach, we can respond immediately with our 24×7 responders and help you navigate through the breach process. We can also help you develop an incident response plan, which would enable you to take the necessary steps to ensure your business survives with minimal financial and reputational damage. Our Cyber Incident Response team outlines your legal, regulatory, compliance and communications strategy, and can work with you to create a crisis management plan which kicks in as soon as a breach is detected to help contain the extent of damage. We also actively help you monitor threats and manage any additional fallout from the breach with the right expertise.

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