Intelligent Applications

Automate tasks and engage with customers using AI and machine learning tools.

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t the future—it’s already here. The question is: how are you leveraging it? AI and machine learning (ML) are amplifying human cognitive capabilities by automating and enhancing operations at breakneck speeds. It’s time to move past the science fair projects and on to the world stage.

Our experienced AI and ML practice will help you accelerate growth, boost operations, and improve your ability to engage with customers. Using pre-built AI tools and services to complement our custom solutions and algorithms, we transform raw data into predictions and actionable insights, and can help you assess, implement and deploy the tools that are right for you.

What We Do

Application Modernization

Innovation can be the driving force behind your digital transformation, but there is no short cut to get you there. The journey usually involves the migration and modernization of legacy applications. Whether we’re building something new or refactoring and rearchitecting an existing app with container technology and microservices, we leverage the right tools to put your organization on a path to surpass your digital transformation goals.

Agile Development

Use proven Agile methods to bring focus to your projects, delivering more working software within a collaborative and iterative framework. From cross-platform mobile apps, to web and intelligent agents, we build and modernize applications in the cloud, infused with AI, to produce fully connected experiences and optimal performance at scale.

Enterprise Integration

Have the freedom to implement new ideas and applications that work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. When new enterprise software is developed, there are legacy systems to integrate and test. Our team has the broad range of skills and necessary experience to be trusted with your most challenging integrations.


Break down silos and improve the quality and performance of the solutions you deliver. It’s often more than just a pivot in expertise—it’s a mindset shift. Our DevOps services can help connect development with IT operations and support and amplify agility, responsiveness, and faster time to market throughout the software delivery lifecycle. We help define and implement the right approach for your business, assist in the required skills and tools training, and augmenting your team as needed throughout the transition.


Automate and get value out of functions to help you achieve your business goals. We can help you analyze, select and deploy the right automation tools, so that you can move functions from being lower-value, time-consuming, and manual, to becoming automated and more valuable powerhouses.

Cloud Solutions

Use up-to-date cloud platforms to get technology solutions for your organization at scale. Our teams have experience and credentials needed to support the migration of your critical business applications and databases to the Azure cloud platform. Whether it is for mitigating cybersecurity risks or for critical business applications and databases, we can help you before, during, or post migration and be your trusted partner at each stage of your cloud transformation.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We are adept at harnessing the endless possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart systems in key industries. As the universe of connected devices expands, so does the volume and variety of data to be ingested and processed for intelligent analysis and action. Predictive maintenance, asset tracking, and fleet management, all need to be driven from a secure and scalable cloud platform. We focus on the Azure IoT platform and tools, with the IoT leadership and diversity of data skills needed to bring it all together in meaningful ways for your business.



Empowering organizations with unparalleled products, platforms, and services.


We create and manage connected brand and commerce experiences on the Sitecore platform – designed to foster engagement and increase conversions.


Our seasoned, results-focused digital marketing practice leverages Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to help you reach and amaze your audience, measure results, and continually optimize engagement.

Work and Insights

MNP enhances data management to bolster efficiency within Geographic Information System.


Enterprise data warehouse cloud implementation provides financial and operational insights.

Urban crowd of adult citizens walking on city street during pandemic

Microsoft-powered COVID-19 application bridges public and private information gaps.

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